Moving to the UK

My friends, I’m moving to the United Kingdom.
My posts on this blog have become more infrequent. I like to think it’s because I’m not using my virginity as a shield anymore. I’m still a little warped when it comes to interpersonal relationships and I’m still awkward when dealing with romantic situations. But I’m more confident in myself as a sexual being. I can accept that people may see me as attractive. That’s a big step.
I’ve moved on from the Lawyer. I still get lost in daydreams about him but then, I shake myself out of it. The truth is that we’re not very compatible. The philosophical conversations over tea that I envision with my future boyfriend can never take place in the frat-boy type lifestyle that he leads. I try to remind myself about that whenever I’m sad about it. It doesn’t help that he doesn’t let a week go by without sending me a message. I feel like he just doesn’t want to be forgotten. What we shared was special. It just isn’t special enough. Not for him. Not for me.
However, it was a good learning experience. I identified what I liked about him- his assertive streak, his extroversion- and what I didn’t like about him- his simple-mindedness, his short temper. Now I know what I want in a guy. I’ve seen it. It’s tangible now.
I’ve also been seeing high-school-crush a lot. We share a few mutual friends. Random staring is abundant. It’s situations like these that make me glad I’m moving. I need to start fresh.
I’m interested in seeing how the dating scene differs between Europe and North America. Hopefully, a change of scenery will help me.

3 responses to “Moving to the UK

  1. I’m a big fan of big life moves! Good luck! What will you be doing there?

  2. Thank you :)
    I’m moving there to finish up a degree

  3. neverhadaboyfriend

    Good luck in the UK! I would love to live there. Please keep us updated on your life there. :)

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