Frodo Strikes Back… Again!

So let’s rewind a few days before the current moment when I’m in the middle of packing for my move and I receive a call from a friend inviting me out for drinks at the pub. Who would I run into but Frodo? Frodo, who I last saw in 2012 a few hours before I got on a plane. Frodo, who I felt another spark with and I felt sure had started to become romantically interested in me? Frodo, who hadn’t tried to get in touch with me since I had gotten back.
Alright, another drunken three hour long conversation about the meaning of life. I remind him about my former crush, chide him for not getting in touch after he heard that I had come back and doing my very best to make him regret that I was leaving in five days. I was a little taken aback by how forward I am with him but… it seemed to work.
I received a text message from him later that night and the next day. We’ve been texting each other over the past week with long philosophical messages. Eventually, he asked to take me for a day trip over to the next city. Date? I don’t know. Bad timing? Definitely. Will I go? Sure.
Just like the Lawyer and the time before with Frodo, my attractiveness seems to have manifested itself to them just a few days before my departure. It almost seems as if leaving turns me into a beacon of sexual attraction. I should start trading in my make up and shoes for plane tickets because it’s becoming clear to me that the easiest way to make a guy fall in love with you is if you telling him that you’re virtually unattainable due to geographical obstacles.
Either way, here I am, in a situation that I would have killed to be in exactly a year ago. But my feelings for Frodo have already somewhat faded and this distance thing is not going to work out.
Mean twist of fate? At this point, fate’s cruel jokes are just getting too ridiculous.
I’m just going to take it day by day though (maybe make a serious attempt to stop day dreaming about him) and just let myself have fun. It’s why he seems to like me in the first place. I guess I found it easier to let my guard down when I knew that I had nothing to lose since I was pulling a disappearing act soon.

2 responses to “Frodo Strikes Back… Again!

  1. Good luck in the UK, I’d leave Frodo in the past. Keep him as some to text when you are bored.

  2. That is pretty much exactly what’s happening

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