Thanks for nothing

So Frodo and I were sending emails regularly. I’d always hold myself back from replying right away- like I said, trying to avoid a Lawyer-type situation-but his messages to me were usually instantaneous… until about two weeks ago. My laptop was stolen (perfect). I had replied to his email the morning of. And there was no reply from him. Only radio silence. I’m still waiting to buy a new laptop but I’ve checked my email and… nothing. My friend reckoned he was trying to mail me something by post since she had mentioned (in a group setting) what had happened to my computer. But it’s been two weeks so there goes that idea.
Strange from a guy who was telling me my emails were making his day and that he saw a heroine in a movie that reminded him of me and that he really wanted me home for Christmas? Yes.
I don’t know why he lost interest. And especially so abruptly.
I was sad about it for maybe a week but now I’m just confused because he kind of cut it off in the middle of a quasi-conversation. Confusing.
Then again, he was always just out of my reach. Confusing. Confusing. Confusing.
I had the best conversations of my life with him.
It’s easy to forget though. When there are so many beautiful boys around.
And the boys are beautiful here. I am talking ridiculously gorgeous. So much better than back home.
Which is why this thing with Frodo is probably a good thing. I was getting too hung up on the idea of him and I knew it too! My friends are convinced that he’ll eventually email me but I’m not too sure and I wonder if that’ll make all this worse.
If only I had some sort of closure.
I can do without though. I just wish my course load wasn’t so heavy. I’d be able to actually go out and meet people- not that I haven’t already but that’s for later ;)

2 responses to “Thanks for nothing

  1. I say, leave the boys from home behind. Meet people in your classes and study groups. Get out there lady and have some fun! Rejection, confusion and non-closures will continue to happen but so will the amazing ‘once in a lifetime’ conversations.

  2. I agree with D. Action speak louder than words, unless he is on his death bed in a hospital there is no reason not to send an email. You can do it from any devise. No email means you are not top on his interest list, so who or what is?

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